6+Must have Chrome extensions to enhance your desktop browser

6+Must have Chrome extensions to enhance your desktop browser

The most useful google chrome extension for your and browser and these chrome extensions will speed up your business chrome is the best browser all over the world.

It is liked by most users and professionals to speed up their business.chrome has all kind of features and there is so many latest chrome extension which is very useful to ease of life.let us explore these extensions and shortcuts that make the experience on chrome very awesome.


It is a built-in spell checker that helps to re-correct your spell mistakes during your typing. it automatically detects your spellings

and provides the correct word. preventing grammatical mistakes. if you have bulk work typing then it is useful for you.

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During online browsing, peoples look some useful content and they save a bookmark or copy the web address.

With this pocket chrome extension, you don’t need to find the web address that you have saved. first, you need to install a pocket extension.

This extension saves web content and also provides web content offline. You can access your saved content on any device. This extension is available on android and ios platforms.

Chrome Remote Desktop

This extension helps to access other computer contents remotely. If you forgot to bring any digital documents in your office computer and your office desktop system on & connected to the internet.

With the help of this extension, you can log in remotely to your office system at your home and access your file easily.

Mail checker extension

If your working on any job or post and other. So you always looking out for your mails for information.

checking mails every time is very difficult. then you should download a mail checker extension. this automatically informed you whenever you got new mails.


AD Blocker & AD Blocker Plus

Adblocker and adblocker plus allow you to block ads coming from the internet during web suffering.

adblocker shows you how many sites have been blocked. a great extension to stops ads to your sites.

Momentum allows you to change into your home of google chrome to the beautiful home page.

you don’t need to change your home or anything else of your home page.

You just download momentum extension from chrome. It shows dashboard widgets time whether reports with awesome background scenarios.

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