all types of Operating Systems for free,Read more here

All types of Operating Systems for free

If you are looking for laptops or PC without any preloaded operating system, well, the best free operating systems
you don’t need to buy a pirated version or pay for anything else. You will know the types of operating systems.
Do you know? There many types of operating systems for a computer, which is a free download and use.
So, we are here to tell you about the free computer operating system. This OS is free and genuine open-sourced.
They provide free operating system services. the best free operating system which is open source
All types of Operating Systems for free
All types of Operating Systems for free


Haiko Project

Haiku is a free, open-source operating system. It is designed for personal computing,
for more detail visit After downloading files,
you can install haiku in part of your hard drive. You can create a live CD or boot on USB. 

It gives you to run haiku live. It has a Haiku taskbar instead of a windows taskbar,

and it defaults set on the top right side, and it is allowed to full access to settings and apps on the desktop.


React is a free, open-source OS.
Its design based on windows XP and windows seven it means most of windows applications and driver runs efficiently on it,
if you have experience windows OS, then it will be easy to use ReactOS.
It is one of alternative of windows OS.

Chromium OS

All types of Operating Systems for free
All types of Operating Systems for free
You have already heard of Chromebook, chrome stick, or chrome pc; these are computing devices from google,
and it runs on cloud-friendly Chrome OS.
You cannot download  Chrome OS. You need the pre-installed device.
Chromium is an open-source project which shares only chrome OS code. To use this –

Linux OS

It is highly recommended for experimental technology people. It comes with different versions and is freely available.
Ubuntu is a much-simplified version of Linux OS. Most of the data servers or data centers used the Linux operating system.
If interested and learn this OS, then it has is discussion forums to get help. Uses by many companies to handle servers and developers.

Syllable OS

If you have a much older computer and you are looking for a new operating system,
then you will choose the syllable OS desktop system .it is not 32 GB architecture.
It is compatible with the Pentium processor. It is in the still-experimental state.

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