Android smartphone hidden features

Android smartphone hidden features

Android smartphone latest hidden features that will enhance smartphone secret tricks you must know hacks let’s start with hidden features on android

it is the most popular operating system all over the world is android.because it has a simple and user-friendly interface.

The essential thing in android is easily customizable.

So let’s talk about some hidden features of android that most people have not any idea about it.

Find your silent phone

Most of the time, we forgot our smartphone anywhere and getting worried about it.

If the phone is silent, so it will difficult to find; in this condition, you can take the help of the android device manager.

To use this function open your chrome browser and type

 ‘Find my phone’ through the Android device manager.’

Then sign in to your account to use your phone and start the phone ringing loudly.

Check your phone hardware

if you need to check your smartphone’s hardware or is it working correctly, then

Download a Phone Tester and install it. It provides you the full detailed information of smartphone hardware
it shows real-time sensor activities, battery, temperature, and camera comprehensively.

Listen to your notification

It is a bad habit to read messages during a driving a vehicle .we cannot miss important messages or mail.

In this situation, you should download and use third-party apps.
Shouter, Read it to me. Speak to me.

Shouter, Read it to me. Speak to me.

Bring its apps on the notification panel

If you have used the full of the home screen of your android phone but your essential apps, which would you like to use?

Then use your notification panel to place on it.

To uses install these apps – bar launcher. Notification toggle power toggle, one-tap quick bar. it lets you allow customizing your notification panel


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