How to improve Camera quality of Smartphone using app

How to improve Camera quality of Smartphone using the app

Hi, guys if your camera is not working well then see camera settings and try to improve Camera quality of smartphones. The camera is the most important aspect so it is necessary to improve Camera quality.

Now, you check your camera with apps and camera quality & also run an online camera test to enhance your smartphone’s

camera health. Given below link to camera check using these android apps. Know your camera issues. Best way to fix the camera problem.



Android phones so that it keeps working at the same speed as it is new, no heat up nor its battery finished. Knowledge of some similar apps

  Test the system hardware of your phone completely

 Take the help of this app.  It performs 30 tests for you, of which the movement sensor, display test, network connection test, sensor test, and memory test are the main ones.  You can download the app for Android from

Reviews the hardware rundown of your phone

 It performs low memory, battery check, wifi and radio check, audio test, display test, GPS tracking, thermal stress, and CPU
Its guided test menu is so simple that you can check the performance of your phone in one is here

 Find dead pixels

If you have detected dead pixels, then you can easily fix them with the help of this app. dead usually seemed as black dots on
display of the smartphone, this app will help to find ou dead pixels to repair them quickly The link is

Test the battery

Accubattery can be used for this. it helps to find battery drainage to troubleshoot it, The link to the app is
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