how to speed up android phone

how to speed up android phone

 How to speed up smartphone to lag issue if you’re Running slow of smartphone then try these tricks slow down an android phone. many factors low down our android phone to know speed up android phone read it carefully.

Many of us suffer from the slow down of our smartphone. smartphone usually slower after long use of it. it is very common but we don’t have an idea to solve to speed up the android phone could be easy by following steps

In this article, you will find some tips and solution will definitely work and keeps your smartphone faster.



Find your problem in smartphone


firstly you need to find your problem with the slow down of your smartphone. To find and diagnose your problem you need to download an app TREPN  PROFILER this app will you real-time individual app CPU load of your smartphone.
this kind of apps will help to optimize your smartphone greatly.
Clean your space and RAM
check your smartphone storage and ram if ram and storage running out then you need clear some space of the storage.Ram also plays a crucial role in your smartphone’s speed. If ram gets full then,
It causes a slow down of your smartphone. You will need to clear ram space to boost up your smartphone.
Change your chrome memory limit
if your using your chrome browser most and you surf chrome browser this causes hang to your smartphone, then first you need to increase the limit for chrome ( default 128 MB ) to more.

Open in your chrome – chrome://flags and go to ”Maximum tiles for interest area”


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