Top 5 Digital Audio Workstation Software Free Available (DAW)

Top 5 Digital Audio Workstation Software Free Available (DAW) in 2020

Hello Friends, In this article, we will discuss Digital Audio Workstation Software Free Available in 2020. DAW is a software or electronic device used to editing, producing, and mixing the audio files. DAW software stands for Digital Audio Workstation software


There are large varieties of Digital Audio Workstation Software available on the web, some of DAWs the premium and paid.

But in this, we just focussed on Digital Audio Workstation Software free. If you love DJs, then you will be enjoyed the best daw free for hip hop.

Let’s move to your DAWs software to Digg your passion.let take our first step to building a career as a music producer or just for love.

DAWs software free to use

FL Studio

It has developed by Image-Line software and initially released on December 18, 1997, known as  Fruity Loops. The program four different editions for Mac Os and Windows Os, including with producer edition and fruity edition and its all plugin.

The company offers lifetime free updates to the program, and it means customers get benefit all future updates of the application for free after a one-time purchasing .the best Digital Audio Workstation Software for the newbie.


  • the software comes with a great variety of plugins.
  • Audio files can be exported in different formats such as Ogg, flat, midi, zip,mp3, wave. And also save as FL studio extension.
  • Various effects are flanger, chorus, phaser, reverb, equalization, compression.
  • Audio stretching and beat slicing,  zooming chopping.
  • They have launched the FL studio on the Android platform and iOS.

More info visit here – FL studio



A great Digital Audio Workstation Software free for editing/recording cross-platform compatibility, supported by windows os, Linux operating system, and Os X

It comes with the basic features of daws. Best for beginners to learn the basics of audio mixing and music production.

There are some quite numbers of the effect that comes with it and even change your voice with this.


  • make a beat slower or faster with the cool beat analyzer.
  • splitting audio tracks with various effects.
  • Multi-track audio running simultaneously and editing tools.
  • I highly recommended for podcasters, recording musicians and beginners.
  • Supports 24 bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit and supports all formats of file.

More info visit here – Audacity

Pro-Tools First

One of the best DAW released and developed by DigiDesign merged with avid and compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Suitable for newbie songwriter and music producer

Officially stably launched 31st march 2020 with 18 native languages and based on c and c++ programming |First is the Best daw for beginners.

  • Pitch shifting and time-stretching can be applied on tracks.
  • Here are some mix n mastering effects which are-Surround mixing, VCA mixing, Clip Gain, Clip FX.
  • comes with a bundled of Included plugins and included songs, auxiliary tracks.
  • UHD and 4K support with its latest version of the program of pro tools.
  • This daw has 3 different version and its 3 plans – |first  2. pro-tools  3. pro-Tools | Ultimate 

More info visit here – pro-Tools



This product comes from Apple Inc. and digital audio workstation only compatible with macOS and iOs only. Great daws for especially build for iPhone and MacBooks.

Originally released 6 January 2004. After that Apple inc. releases its stable version on 11 December 2019.

which is the latest  Garageband Version 10.3.4


  • It comes with custom sound loops and they offer additional loops.
  • featured with apple add-ons known as Garageband jam-packs.
  • Garage band jam-pack such as Rhythm Section, Symphony Orchestra, Voices, etc
  • Another attribute of Garageband is the mainstage It contains 40 built-in-instrumental such as drums, guitar, etc.
  • easily create & edit loops using software, microphone any kind of instrument.

To visit the website – Garageband

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One of the professional creative daw among all audio mixing software. formerly knowns as Acid,

The program created by the magic and later published by sony’s creative software.

It also refers to Acid pH1 and supports 32 bit and 64-bit computer architecture.

Available on both platforms Microsoft Windows and Mac Os.


  • A wide range of creative samples and loop-based audio production.
  • acid pro brings all-new STEM MAKER 2 feature
  • Effects such as virtual instruments and Acidized Loops
  • A new Acid Morph Pads enables a creative effect music assignment
  • There are more special pieces like the MIDI Playable Chopping tool, Pick-Paint-Play tool, etc.

To visit site – Acid pro


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the best free DAW for beginners?

There are many DAWs available web absolutely free. But the preference for beginners are follows-

  1. Pro-Tools first- Highly suggested to beginner, who are looking to kick start his music journey.
  2. Audacity- a great for is a free open-source tool. comes with a VST plugin but downloaded separately.
  3. Ableton Live – attributes such as Editing multiple MIDI, audio effects, automatic time-stretching enable the next level of mixing.
  4. FL Studio – allow you to create unique beats, beat slicing, chopping .very nice programs for a newcomer, and newbie.

2. Which Daw is used by professionals?

The professionals mostly use premium one by their master tunning and final touch. they like to use namely- Ableton Live 10, Acid pro, fruity loops FL studio, Pro-Tools | Ultimate, etc.

3. What is the best DAW?

Some of the best Daws –

  • FL Studio  – windows OS and macOS
  • Garageband  – (Mac OS only)
  • Pro Tools First -windows OS and macOS
  • REAPER -windows OS and macOS
  • Logic Pro -windows OS and macOS
  • Ableton Live -windows OS and macOS
  • Acid pro -windows OS and macOS

4. what daws do DJs use

  • Ableton Live. – designed for live performance, composing, arranging. Session viewing & automatic time-stretching which make it unique.
  • PreSonus Studio One – all-new latest video format support. brought a mix engine effect
  • Logic Pro X. – The virtual music production software. A product of Apple inc.
  • FL Studio – gives you a large variety of plugin and generators
  • REAPER – Contains hundreds of JSFX plugins and lots of Themes to be applied to it.


all types of Operating Systems for free,Read more here

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