What is A Black Box in the Airplane? Misconception !

What is A Black Box in the Airplane?

Have you ever heard about Black Box? There are many misconceptions about it; Every commercial and corporate jet has equipped with the black box, which records the activity of cockpit and voice transmission, flight records inside the black box in a plane.

An aircraft has much-sophisticated engineering to flight the flight balancing in the sky, and the tiny issue could cause much damage to an airplane and their passenger—a regular check done by flight management and staff.

It is two orange flight recorders. The idea of the black box taken the 1950s when the first commercial jet has five accidental in its first two years of passenger services and investigators realized how useful.


It would be to have a record of what was happening before the crash.

The first generation of flight recorders etched the data onto metal foil by the 1970s. They have switched to magnetic tape and by the 90S solid-state Drives.

The overall concept has remained the same with two components. Airplane investigators so professionally and they able to extract data from the black box and calculate the main malfunction of an aircraft,

a plane manual or autopilot .they observe everything very carefully to detects an issue. Most of the plane had equipped the ‘event’ button .this button pressed when critical condition arrived during flight by the pilot to store and record accidental data for investigation and rescue operation.

The components inside the Black Box in the airplane

Voice Data Recorders (VDR)

The cockpit voice recorded store the last 2 hours of sound from the cockpit and the piolets headsets microphone on four different channels. In some cases, these audio recordings alone can reveal

A microphone attached to the piolets headset to record conservation between them this recording would record to black box device.

What happened, and they did when. So this recorded must be needed for the investigation.

It has all information such as crew communication with ground control and connection to other aircraft with its location and data recorded in the black box of the plane

Flight Data Recorder (FDR)

the second box, the flight data recorder. It captures at least 88 types of the day about planes position and instruments for the past 25 hours that data feeds into the computer animations of what happened;

pilots can maneuver planes along three axes, pitch, roll, and yaw, which is what the rudder controls.

This data has the height of the plane, speed of the aircraft, acceleration of aircraft, temperature, velocity, fuel, turbine, fluid status, coolant, and lots of data would be stored.

FDR would record all control commands which are given by cockpit piolets to aircraft during the accident happened. The investigators gave more priority to FDR because it has all recording of an airplane engine and its status during the accident.


The durability of the black box

The black box located in the plane in the tail of an aircraft. The box made up of titanium and steel plating, which protects from any kind of crash and damages,

Due it has crucial data so it must be durable .so they made for robust service.this would help recover access to the data inside the boxes.

It painted in orange clour, which helped to find the device quickly. So don’t be confused that black boxes are black in colored.

Orange color is more attractive than black color makes it easy to see through  human eyes

In this case of the plane crash in the sea, then a black box comes contact with liquid. The sensor gets activated,

then it has gone for power saving power and its battery long last a for the month it has an underwater located beacon,

that starts an emitting of the ultrasound signal. Ultrasound signal traveled comfortably underwater. At a specific time interval, it sends messages repeatedly, so that find out by investigators.

What is the Black Box testing

It is processed to test the device By check testing of a black box, which so makes it perfect for any kind of situation to serve sturdy and best. black-box testing must be crucial

Several stages must be going through for survivability to make data of safe, some of them are below-

Fire Test

The device has to tested under high temperature at  1100 degrees for 1 hour after completion of this testing. The device dipped into a saltwater pressurized tank, and it must survive at least 30 days.

Pierce Test

 The piercing check is 500lb. Weight has fallen from 10 feet. It has designed to carry out with hardened steel handle.

Crash Impact test

This test features a cannon. Would hit the device, and then their hitting parameter for surviving to selected.the device dropped much time to test the metal shell.

software programming testing

This test must be needed to check coding errors or bugs to fix it. If data lost, no knows how the did accident happened with aircraft.

The solid-state drive must have excellent reading and writing speed so it can easily store the data.

The black box testing has many complexes and performs in different situations and conditions to resist to safeguard black box plane.


How Black Box Made?

The manufacturing of devices has many steps and under precision and parameter to lookup every aspect of it. The significant components are power supply, memory circuits, and controller circuits.

These are made part separately and assemble to make the entire device.

This circuit present inside the device with a solid-state drive, the outer shell composed with many layers of metal such as titanium, steel, iron, etc. to protect it from critical situations.

The whole assembly mounted on the steel layered plate which is easy to access the device

Intermediate layer insulated a thick slab of paraffin, which melt in contact with heat. It absorbs the weather and temperature to safeguard circuits data drive from the accidental fire, which makes fireproof.

It has a waterproof feature also which prevent from short circuit to water. It could survive 4 kilometers under the sea with Underwater Locator Beacon; it is cylindrical contain tons of coil.


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