What is a Bot and how does it work ?

What is a Bot, and how does it work?

The Bot is also known as a Robot or web bot. Bots are an application used to perform a specific task. Let us explain what it is? What are a bot and its purpose all well covered in this article

It is a particular program that designed to reply to messages automatically. It responds as social chatting or talking, and it is an automated conversation program that automatically meets a human user.it’s often called a chatbot.


There are many of types bots; shopping it’s specially designed to for shopping suggestion
advisory it performs advice peoples online through chattings.

It is also used for web crawling and spamming on the web. Mostly used in a repetitive task that is more time communing for humans.

How a Bot made

They created just like a website or apps made. It’s one kind of programming scripts that is an automated set for specific tasks. A programmer designed it according to their customer need; creating it is quite hard and well technical knowledge needed.
Some companies providing platforms to create it Facebook, Kick, Slack using these platforms, you can create your Bot easily. Excellent coding and programming skills are needed.

Future of bots

The vast possibilities in the future of Bot. it is are becoming part of companies. There will be many possibilities that it will understand messages and talk or chat like humans, and it will work in many languages.

They also replace humans by texting messages to a particular person during their online help.

why we need a bot?

It is an automated program or application which used for a repetitive task. Humans cant available 27*7 day and night for the same operation, so a bot used there. They cant make the decision itself. There is a vast use of bots in social media. for example, twitter has an it that continues same retweet tweet for an extended period.these are called social media bots

Limitations of bots

Bots are still at the stage of development—the developer working it to make perfect.
  • Chatting with the Bot and getting help, it’s to provide irrelevant content.
  • They don’t understand the user’s chat and answer correctly—much development needed on it.
  • Bots are only available in the English language.
  • There is no parameter to measure it that how much a bot is trustable. It justifies on user experiences.
  • It cannot make a decision as well as human
  • they don’t have any emotions.

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