What is cache memory? Is it safe to clear cache?

What is cache memory? Is it safe to clear cache?

Well, this post about what is cache memory? Is it safe to clear cache?, So let’s start this post start exploring it. If you ever used a computer or android phone then you have heard cache memory or cache data.

The cache is the software of hardware components that used to store data and this data is known as cache memory. cache data stored in temporary in your main memory for future requests and future serve.

So it is faster than computing data. Storing cache data is more efficient and time saving for your computer or smartphone. The cache is made up of static RAM (sRAM)


cache memory is a very specific high-speed memory and it used reduces the average time to access the data from the main memory. cache mainly used for cache clients by the Web browser, Application, operating system, and CPU.

How does cache work?

a cache is a portion of your main memory that stored the which data you have processed if there will be a future need a particular processed data then it serves cache data because of processing a new data is a little bit of time-consuming.

These cache data stored in cache memory which sends that information faster to CPU and changes data. A cache memory situated between secondary memory and CPU closer to Cpu.

A web browser such as safari, firefox, internet explore, chrome uses the browsing caches to enhance performance and load previous the visited pages faster without reloading or processing them.

If you click back or visiting previous pages CPU the retrieve to cache memory to show cache data without fetching to the secondary or primary memory this makes users smoother performance during surfing the internet.

Sometimes you may have noticed this thing when your browsing.


Types of cache memory

There are mainly three types of cache memory –

  1. L1     Cache ( Level 1 cache )
  2. L2     Cache ( Level 2 cache )
  3. L3     Cache ( Level 3cache )


L1     Cache ( Level 1 cache )

The L1 cache also refers to primary cache and embed on microprocessor chip as CPU cache, it extremely fast but relatively small due to small in size and this made up of registers. This operates the speed of CPU for instruction and calculations.

L2     Cache ( Level 2 cache )

Also known as secondary cache, the L2 cache is not much faster than L1 and its size bigger than L1. L2 cache located outside and separated from microprocessor and thing serves as the bridge between processor and memory.

reduce the access time of data. This cache was introduced in Pentium powered processors.

L3     Cache ( Level 3cache )

It is slowest and biggest among those and used for bigger and bulk of calculations, L3 also placed outside of CPU and it has few cache memory. Hence larger in size, it sores more data as compared to L1 and L2.


Is it safe to clear the cache?

A cache is a temporary file stored by web browsers and android app known as app cache. Sometimes it consumes more storage of your devices.

The clear cache will delete all existing data of the browser or app that you are used during running or surf web or app.

the clear cache will free up your storage beware that malicious app cache should be removed because it may steal your personal data such as password card number etc.

many time after a long period cache of the app become corrupted then it causes a problem when you are running app make sure app cache to be removed for smother experiences.

When you try to surf the web browser it refuses for reloading because old cache saved in your browser which prohibited for an update or refreshes showing older data.

cache clear safeguard yours for security purpose and policy threat.

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