What is navic ,How it works Navic Vs Gps | IRNSS / NAVIC

What is NavIC, How it works NaviC Vs Gps

It is the latest satellite navigation system designed and developed by India. Also, called as (IRNSS) Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System. Recently Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched Navic.

Indian navigation system

The Navic satellite navigation system provides accurate real-time positioning and timing service. There are seven groups of satellite that works together to track and calculate the real-time location.

navic will also helpful for monitoring real-time air traffic on Indian air space and useful in military and commercial operations.

What is navic ,How it works Navic Vs Gps IRNSS NAVIC

Only five countries achieved this satellite navigation system technology, and it is similar to GPS, which is owned by used Navic id developed by ISRO India.

navic uses a geo-mapping feature to reach out to the user a chip is integrated inside to their smartphones.

 Is Navic better than GPS?

GPS global positioning system maintained by the USA, which tracks and covers the entire globe. There are 31 groups of satellite in orbit which include the whole planet, and the USA owns it.

All these satellites are geosynchronous, which means they are not stationary in space.

They revolve respect with the earth. GPS only uses a single frequency band and a calculation little more complicated.

NaviC has four geosynchronous satellites and three geostationary satellites that work together. These satellites situated much higher in their orbit’s earth

Navic uses dual-frequency bands (S-band and L5-band); the dual-frequency bands are more accurate than the single frequency band.

What is navic ,How it works Navic Vs Gps IRNSS NAVIC

What does IRNSS stand for?

IRNSS stands for Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System which is also known as NAVIC this navigation system owned by ISRO INDIA

Navic stands for?

Navigation with Indian Constellation (NaviC), it is an Indian regional satellite system which provides a precise and accurate real-time location to the user.

Applications of Navic or IRNSS

  • Aerial, terrestrial and marine navigation.
  • Managing with disaster
  • integration with mobile chip
  • visual and voice navigation to drivers
  • precise and accurate timing
  • military operation
  • to strengthen of loc and boundary of India
  • Vehicle tracking and flight management
  • Mapping and geo statics data

What is navic ,How it works Navic Vs Gps IRNSS NAVIC

Can I use NavIC?

Yes, Navic will be available for the citizens of India. The constellation satellite system provides a location date of 10 meters of accuracy. But it needs additional chip integra3ed with the processor inside the smartphone for transmission of the signal to navic satellites.

Which means a receiver needed for frequency transmission. The older smartphone does not have a receiver chip for its navic system.

Navic supported smartphones

Qualcomm and Isro are working together to develop a location tracking system, especially for India. Qualcomm is integrating a chip inside their processor that works with IRNSS.

The upcoming chips will navic enabled; there are some smartphone that is navic enabled which are follows-

 NavIC Supported Phones

  • Realme X50 Pro 5G
  • Realme 6 Pro
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
  • Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro 5G (Expected)

The steps toward this program were taken on 1 July 2013. After launching the remaining satellite. India accomplished its satellite constellation program.

there are only five nations has its satellite navigation system which offers global positioning system

countries who have their GPS

  • The USA                            – Global positioning system (GPS)
  • RUSSIA                              – GLONASS
  • JAPAN                               – QZSS
  • CHINA                               – BeiDou
  • EUROPEAN UNION      – Galileo
  • INDIA                                – NavIC

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