What is PPE Kit? Full Form of PPE kit, Useful Against Contagious Diseases

What is PPE Kit? Full-Form of PPE kit, Useful Against Contagious Diseases

PPE kit full form as Personal Protective Equipment. It is a piece of medical equipment; Doctors wear PPE kit to cure a patient who suffers from contagious diseases such as coronaviruses, ebola, sars, etc.

You must hear about it in the news that the ppe kit is useful against contagious disease. But this article gives you a depth knowledge of it why it is more important for doctors and medical staff.

And how it protect from deadly virus to doctors during the treatment.PPE kit widely used against infections to doctors to protect themselves from it.

The PPE kit is mainly a kit that contains many medical types of equipment, which include goggles, face protection, gown, gloves, mask or face shield, Rubber boots, headcover all these components of the kit.

The medical PPE kit acts as a barrier against hazardous contaminate particle and also minimize the transmission.

ppe kits designed for disposable and one-time usage. Precaution should taken while wearing a ppe kit.


The components of ppe kit-


It used to protect the wearer from the spread of the virus and infectious material. It covers the whole body-includes lower legs, back, head, feet, almost upper to lower body, and protects from the exposure of the virus.

There is some variant of gowns for the appropriate situation:

disposable dress and reusable gown, clean and sterile gown,fluid-resistant, and non-fluid resistant.

It should be worn by doctors during the treatment of the infected patient to reduce the transmission of infection and protect themselves.

Face shield and goggles

these equipment designed to face protection, which includes goggles and face shields.

In case of any infected patient sneezing or coughing during the treatment of a contaminated droplet released in the air then,

it will be helpful for prevention and protection to doctors and medical staff. Better to prevent often touching nose mouth and ear.

A properly sealed frame of google and face shield required. Which helps to cover the sensitive portion of the face for prevention.



viruses such as coronavirus that affect the upper and lower respiratory tract of the respiratory system.

So have good quality and well-designed mask to better protection from contagious disease and virus.

The primary Medium of spreading contaminated particles and droplets is air. Hence the proper purification of breathing air need to be terminate the virus particle. In this way, the mask plays a vital role in it.

There are mainly two types of the mask which are preferred by experts depending upon the work environment.

1. Triple-layer medical mas

2. N-95 Respirator mask

1. Triple-layer medical mask

It is a disposable mask and mainly three-layer composed mask, fluid-resistant; hence it protects the wearer against air droplets of infectious material released when someone sneeze and coughing.

2. N-95 Respirator mask

It is a highly efficient respiratory device with excellent filtration efficiency to air particle and contagious content.

N-95 Respirator masks much better than an ordinary triple-layered cover, and it also has excellently designed to close facial fit.

N-95 Respirator mask has some great features such as excellent breathability and high fluid resistant,

clear identification of the face of wearer internally and externally because of its cup-shaped structure.

A proper wearing N-95 Respirator mask could increase the filtration capacity, and it has excellent air sealed than triple-layered medical mask hence best amongst the costumes.


Gloves play a vital role in contagious diseases such as coronavirus. In case somebody touches the contaminated surface or object, then hands contact with the nose, eyes, and mouth leads to the spread of a virus or exposed to the virus.

So its most important to wear a proper glove for oneself safety.

Gloves mostly made up of nitrile or latex, the nitrile suggested over to latex because. It is chemical resistant and includes specific disinfectant like chlorine. Latex is more allergic to dermatitis.

Shoe covers

The lower body also needed to be covered to protect from contamination. Shoe covers are part of ppe kit that used to over the shoes;

generally, the fabrics of shoe covers made up impermeable fabrics.it is disposable after one-time use.

They are anti-skid and fluid resistant, non-woven.


Medical Headcover usually covers the full head portion. Headcovers should cover the head as well as neck and hair, and hair extension should fit inside the headcovers.

Mainly medical headcovers latex-free elastic.

most of it made up of Polypropylene.there are various types of head cover according to their needs.

It is water repellant, flexible, dust resistant.


what are the Types of PPE kit (Personal Protection Equipment)

PPE Kit also refers to personal protective equipment which used to prevents from contagious diseases. It has commonly following type given below-

  • Respiratory protection equipment –  N-95 Respirator,half-mask respirators, powered respirators, full-face respirators
  • Head protection equipment –  Headcover, helmets, Bump Caps.
  • Protective clothing equipments –  Gown,splash suits,aprons,full-body suits
  • Eye and face protection equipment – safety goggles, face visor, face shields, glasses Safety spectacles
  • Hand protection equipment –  Gloves and gauntlets, Hand cover
  • Hearing protection equipment –  Earmuffs, Earplugs
  • Foot protection equipment-  boots, shoes, shoe covers

can ppe kit reused

No, mostly PPE (personal protective equipment) kit designed for their one-time usage. ppe gets contaminated with its first use. It needs to disposable after their only one time use. Precautions should be taken. when disposing of the ppe kit.

what does a ppe kit contain

PPE kit contains protective pieces of equipment. these are- Gloves, Headcover, N-95 Respirator,half-mask respirators, Gown, splash suits, shoe covers goggles, face visor, Earplugs.equpments based on safety parameters by the medical organization.

where to buy ppe kit

PPE kits are available on medical supply stores, Pharmacies, online stores.

how ppe prevents the spread of infection

PPE is specialized clothing or equipment used to prevent dangerous substances from coming into contact.

Its use is an integral part of measures to control and prevent infections that protect workers from blood exposure, body fluids and other potentially infectious material.

PPEs such as gowns, gloves, masks and goggles provide physical barriers to the hands, skin, clothes, eyes, nose and mouth

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