What is RAM ? What is Ram in computer

What is RAM? What is Ram in computer RAM

Hello, friends today we’ll talk about what is RAM. What is Ram in computer RAM is called Random-Access-Memory, it is an essential part of any computer or device. Many people know that RAM works to increase speed, but they do not know much.

RAM is such an important thing that I thought let’s write an article about it.ram stands for

ram for computer


object, after learning that you will become more aware of the computer working. What is the Ram on a laptop?

There are two types of memory in a computer. The first type of mind is the one that can keep the data safe when it is not working or connected to power, such as our Pen Drive, Internal Memory or Hard Disk.
We also call it Physical Storage.
There is another type of memory, from which the entire data lost as soon as power removed, this memory called RAM.
There is another part of our mobile/laptop processor you may have heard – Dual-Core, Quad-Core.

ram to computer

The processor is like a brain; it controls the whole system, which things to pick up and where to keep it.
But the processor can only run things that are in RAM. Generally, RAM is less and internal memory is many times more.
When you run an app, it transfers from your internal memory of App mobile to RAM and then goes to RAM and run by the processor.
Let me explain how RAM and Hard Disk works by taking two boxes. Let’s take the example of a mobile. What is the Ram in a computer
1. Now the mobile switch is OFF. So no power is going in RAM, so it is empty. And the data of all apps are in internal memory.

2. As soon as you turn on mobile, your OS, i.e. Kitkat or Lolipop, is loaded, so it is loaded because the entire system runs on it. Also, great apps like Phone Calling were loaded.

ram to computer

That’s is why when you are not running any app on your mobile, and your RAM still used.
3. Now when you open another app on your mobile, it also goes into RAM. RAM is almost full after running 4-5 Apps.
4. After the RAM is full, if you run another app, then it sends another app back to the internal memory to replace that app.
5. You can see that due to the lack of RAM, we had to send the other app back to run one app, sending it back and forth slows the speed of our mobile.
And the more significant the RAM, the more our mobile of apps can run simultaneously without pausing/stopping.
Okay, this is some necessary thing about RAM, which I think everyone should know.

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